Sundad makes music to calm the heart and soul. If that sounds like a bunch of New Age dross to you, check out the 2009 Sundad CD The Journey Continues. Contrary to popular opinion, New Age didn’t start with Windham Hill or Miramar Records back in the ‘80s. Astute musicologists may point to the early ECM releases and around that same time, from artists like Steve Tibbetts or even earlier with groups like Oregon or the Paul Winter Consort. Suffice to say, if you were fortunate to hear guys like Tibbetts and Paul Winter and groups like Oregon early on, you’ll love Sundad. Interestingly enough, the group is actually comprised of guitarist John Eurell and his son John Eurell Jr. So, hence the Son / Dad connection. Also lending support on percussion is Chet Soares. Instrumental acoustic guitar music at its finest, Sundad's The Journey Continues brings New Age into the future with a hypnotic and supremely relaxing album of meditative guitar magic.” - Robert Silverstein

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Quite a few guitar albums make it to World Music Central's inbox. I need to begin with one of the most pleasant guitar surprises I've had this past year. Sundad is a group led by two guitarists, who are father and son,  from Ossining, New York. John Eurell plays acoustic and electric guitars. His son, John Eurell Jr. plays acoustic guitars. The third man in the band is percussionist Chet Soares. For the recording of Sundad's latest recording, The Journey Continues, they are joined by bassist Eddie Denise, drummer Abe Speller and violinist Dave Kline. The musical style can be described as contemporary instrumental, with elements of acoustic rock and folk weaved with bits of jazz, Flamenco and global sounds. The pieces are inspired and there is a captivating interaction between the two guitarists. For more information you can go to” - A Romero

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Blood Runs Thicker Than Water on Sundad, a Glorious Family Collaboration It’s often said that musicians, particularly singers that come from the same family, create the kind of harmonies you could never attain with non-blood relatives. Well, the Sundad team of John Eurell and his son John Jr. prove that family members achieve the same “harmony” with guitars. With father John on acoustic and son John on acoustic, the two make uncannily beautiful music; melodic, wondrous and as tightly wound as the DNA helix the two share...." Click Here  to read the full review.”

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CD Review: Sundad - The Journey Continues The heart of Sundad is father/son team John Eurell and John Eurell, Jr. Accompanied by percussionist Chet Soares and bass player Eddie Denise, the two acoustic guitarists write and perform some of the most soaring and relevant instrumental guitar music since the early days of Windham Hill....." Click HERE  to read the full review.” - Wildy

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....The Journey Continues is a true ensemble recording with no one person left behind in the shadows as all the players get a chance to shine, displaying both their musical technique from a technical standpoint as well as demonstrating ample artistic flair. Like all good world fusion music, one may catch a whiff now and then of direct influence, e.g. Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, etc. Spanish, but the music itself represents a true hybrid, a melting pot if you will, of assorted styles and flavors so that it all merges into a pleasing cross-cultural/genre-smash. Regardless of how one categorizes Sundad's music and The Journey Continues, it's evident these guys know how to play. With its jazz riffs, world beat spice, mixture of earthy/sensual and kinetic energizing rhythms, as well as enough guitar fireworks to fulfill any lover of the instrument, the trio’s latest release is almost certain to please acoustic instrumental music fans who seek an alum which engages the listener's body and mind. Kick up your feet, tap your toes, drum your fingers or just sit if that's your preference, but the main thing to do is put this album in your CD player and enjoy what comes next. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it?...." Click HERE  to read the full review.” - Bill Binkelman

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Stand Back, High Energy Guitars at Work Once again the high energy Sundad team of John Eurell, John Eurell Jr. and Chet Soares take to the studio and come out with a remarkable album of World guitar compositions with enough ensemble to make a treat for the ear. If your day has been rough and you need a lift or you just want to get the evening started, then Sundad is your band. The new album The Journey Continues is ten tracks of father and son acoustic compositions that are powerful, energetic and unforgettable. Between father John Sr. and son John Eurell Jr. they probably have over fifty years of guitar playing experience. They blend their unique music style with a mixture of rock and jazz; throw in a little funk and now and then add a few flamenco guitar licks. Eclectic? You bet. Entertaining? Without a doubt. Finally, put in some brilliant percussion with a decidedly Latin beat and you have – Sundad. ........ ........Sundad has garnered several Best and Best Acoustic nominations and it stands to reason. Their harmonies are complex, but always accessible to the listener. You can sit back, relax and let the music flow and you will pick up on the energy within seconds. Whether it be a party of one or a hundred, this is the music you want in the background. Feel free to turn it up." Click HERE  to read the full review.” - RJ Lannan

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..... Sundad is a father and son acoustic guitar duo, John Eurell Sr. and John Eurell Jr., and includes percussionist Chet Soares as well as several guest artists. They describe their music as “world fusion/new age music with a heavy dose of percussion,” which puts it in a nutshell. Rhythmic, joyous, and up-tempo, this is some mighty-fine finger-picking accompanied by Soares’ hand drums and light percussion. ..... ...... The Journey Continues” is a wonderful musical expedition that will calm as well as energize. When musicians play this well together, the result is magic! The CD is available from and Recommended! Click HERE  to read the full review.” - Kathy Parsons

“... Imagine Chet Atkins meets Mark Knopfler and you will get a good idea of what this sounds like.“... articulate guitar that would force even the most accomplished musician to go back to the drawing board and take lessons …again! (I forgot to mention the superb conga playing in the background. I can’t say enough about their percussionist.)"... Their cut, “Birdman”, is an ethereal, blissful song that one can easily get lost in."If you overlooked anyone on your Christmas list and want to make amends with a belated gift, I would suggest this CD. If the recipient appreciates sophisticated guitar work, the present will be accepted and all will be forgiven.” - Mark Staudte

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Sundad is father and son acoustic guitar duo John Eurell Sr and John Eurell Jr. With Chet Soares on percussion, Sundad creates World Fusion and New Age music -- intricate rhythms and beautiful guitar harmonies that capture your heart and soul.” - Maria of The Moonlight Stream


Sundad is the name of the band and their album, Journey to Eternity, sounds like the sorcerer and his apprentice are weaving their magic on acoustic and electric guitars. How exciting to have father and son play with and against each other musically and blend so well in harmony......Sundad’s music is crafted with intensely animated fretwork and inviting, echoing composition."Click here to read the full review..” - RJ Lannan

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